Here are some common FAQs. If your question is not on this list be sure to contact us.

Give yourself plenty of time when asking for a quote, particularly if the quote needs to go through approval channels. The sooner your quote is approved, the sooner you can lock your dates in and ensure you have the right team working with you.

Before providing you with a quote we will arrange for a Project Manager to attend a site visit with you and they will discuss the details they require. As a general rule they will need to know the following to give you an accurate quote.


  • ¬†Locations of sites
  • Accessibility at each site. This includes access to parking and lift use.
  • Height restrictions on loading docks. This will ensure we allocate the correct vehicle to your job
  • Proposed date and time of your move. Weekends and after hours will affect costing but we will work with you to keep within budget
  • Number of staff moving.
  • What equipment or furniture, if any, will be moved
  • If BT disconnect/reconnect is required

From our experience you should book as soon as possible as most relocation companies are booked up well in advance.

Our Project managers are experienced professionals who are dedicated to monitoring and controlling the planning, execution and the closing processes of your relocation.

Always speak to your Project Manager about your expectations regarding budget. They will work with you to find solutions to keep costs within your assigned budget

The best time is when it suits you and your business. Many find that after hours and weekends work best as it keeps the impact on day to day operations to a minimum but we will work with you to tailor a plan that best suits your business

We provide crates in two sizes. The large crates are designed for transporting storage items and the small are designed for packing personal items. However you can choose to use either size for whatever best suits you. The crates are robust, easy to use and easily stored when not being utilised. All business technology equipment is individually bubble wrapped and caged for transportation. All items are protected before being moved

Once unwanted items are identified by you, we will remove them from your premises. We can have them transported to a charity of your choice, taken to the tip or recycled if the item is e-waste

We provide a complete Business Technology (BT) relocation. From telephones and desktops, to servers and network printers, we do it all

We have a fully monitored warehouse facility that can cater to your needs. This can be a good option if you want to consolidate your items before a relocation. All items are added to our asset management program on arrival at the warehouse and items are updated as you take them off site

With over 30 years experience and accreditations